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Magnolia & Tonka Car Diffusers| Premium Air Freshener + Car Accessories

Magnolia & Tonka Car Diffusers| Premium Air Freshener + Car Accessories

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Experience the luxury of fine fragrances wherever you go with our Hanging Diffusers. This Premium Air Freshener and Car Accessory is perfectly crafted for cars, closets, and offices. These diffusers deliver a symphony of Bergamot, Cardamon, Black Pepper, Magnolia Leaf, and White Rose notes. Encased in a sleek glass bottle with a wooden lid and cotton cord, they're made with top-quality fragrance oil and essential oils. Enjoy an elevated ambiance on-the-go with this premium offering.

  1. Product: Hanging Diffusers.
  2. Ideal Locations: Cars, closets, offices.
  3. Fragrance Profile: Bergamot, Cardamon, Black pepper, Magnolia leaf, White rose.
  4. Design Elements: Glass Bottle, Wood Lid and Cotton cord.
  5. Quality Ingredients: High-quality Fragrance Oil and Essential Oils.
  6. Product Weight: Net Wt. 7ML.
  7. How to Use: Simply twist off the wooden lid, remove the plastic stopper, let the fragrance soak into the cap and cord by tipping upside down briefly, and hang in your preferred space. Refresh as needed.
  8. Caution: Keep upright to prevent spillage, which can damage vehicle interiors. Wipe away any spills immediately.

Immerse in an aromatic journey with our Hanging Diffusers

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